Anchs runners aim for 240miles

Nine members of the Anchs running arm (or leg if you prefer) are taking part in an ultimate endurance event, aiming to cover 240 miles between them in just 24 hours.
The team from Anchorians Road Runners Society will be heading for Endure 24 in Reading on the 11th & 12th June where they will run in teams of four and five, continuously for a 24-hour period around a five-mile cross-country circuit.
This running event with a difference will see each team aiming for 24 circuits or 120 miles in the 24-hour period – approximately 25 miles per runner.
The team is appealing for sponsorship with all proceeds going towards the pitch fund.
You could either sponsor a total amount for the event, or an amount per circuit completed (e.g. 10p per circuit – if we complete 48 laps between the 2 teams in total, then £4.80).
If you fancy sponsoring our efforts, then message Chairman Gary Jackson. Please advise if you are a UK taxpayer, so that we are able to reclaim Gift Aid on your donation.
We will of course be posting updates via FB and Twitter throughout the event, so that you can share in our pain.13256330_10153506282295825_6405392714340313097_n

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